Patriot cooking celebrates American food in a unique perspective.  I have chosen
recipes that signify what
America is and what it is like to
be an American Patriot.  I
wanted to know what dishes
have served Americans
throughout the years. 
Food that has defined America
and has helped our families through hard times.  Our immigrant forefathers brought their ideas of cooking and
eating to America.   Americans have then embraced these ideas and developed new, innovative, creative foods that have lasted throughout time. 


*My Philosophy
Patriot cooking divides different regional sections of the United States.  Each region has its own unique cooking techniques, ideas, ingredients and flavors.  Each region, however, represents the United States as a whole.  Patriot cuisine started with the first settlers in America on the Northeast coast.  Along with what the Native Americans had and influenced the settlers to cook.  The settlers were able to understand and adapt to what the land provided.  Hence, came the first imagination of American cooking, based on comfort foods. 

I will provide you and your family recipes for everything from traditional menu items, to some of my own family favorites.  I have included recipes from the traditional Thanksgiving feast to the tailgate party, from a summer barbecue to Octoberfest.  As Americans we share a strong belief in family, friends and country.  We value and honor our freedoms, culture and appreciation by gathering to celebrate our diversity, prosperity and dreams, and with every celebration we share our bounty of foods.

I hope you will join me in celebrating American cuisine as a Patriot.