1.  Our country's first constitution was called?                                  

A.  The Articles of Confederation
B.  The Declaration of Independence
C.  The "Federalist Papers"
D.  The Emancipation Proclamation

2.  Laws for the United States are made by?

A.  The President
B.  The Senate
C.  Congress
D.  The Supreme Court

3.  A man accused of a crime has the right to?

A.  Hear the witnesses against him
B.  Be tried wherever he wants
C.  Have any judge he wants
D.  Change courts

4.  The president is elected if he?

A.  Wins the majority of the electoral votes
B.  Wins most of the country's vote
C.  Wins all of the States' votes
D.  Wins most of the States' votes
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