1.Take a vacation.  Think of cooking as a trip throughout the United States.  Think of a place in America you want to go and fasten your seatbelt.
2.Reminisce of past family gatherings.  Pretend your ancestors are attending dinner.  Remember how the food and ingredients got here and who brought them. 
3.Plan the occasion.  Utilize what’s on hand in the pantry.  Organize.  Be creative.
4.Explore other cultures and regional cuisines.  Remember you are on a journey.  Diversify.
5.Use your resources.  Use what’s in season and what you can find in your local markets.  Maximize flavors.
6.Be flexible.  Springboard from your comfort zone.  Success through effort.  If all fails, order pizza.
7.Economic times calls for creating new cuisine ideas.  Get your vegetables and fresh herbs.  Utilize regional produce.
8.Punt if necessary.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Not everything will go as planned.
9.Learn something from your journey.  A new fact, tip, method or new idea.  Where will you go next? 
10. Have fun.  Enjoy your journey and celebrate America.  You are a Patriot.

These Patriot Bill of Rights go hand in hand with my cooking philosophy.  Try adopting these in your cooking routines and you'll enjoy the process better.