1.  In what city would you be in If you are eating a hot dog on a poppy seed bun with relish, celery salt, a pickle spear and peppers?

A.   Chicago
B.   Los Angeles
C.   New York
D.   Milwaukee

2.  In Cincinnati, they put their famous chili on what?

A.  Rice
B.  Spaghetti
C.  Sourdough Rolls
D.  Tortillas

3.  This New Orleans treat is a sandwich with cold cuts, olive spread and cheese on a large, round bun?

A.  Po-Boy
B.  Torta
C.  Hoagie
D.  Muffaletta

4.  Which of these things would you find on a Memphis-style pulled pork sandwich?

A.  French Fries
B.  Potato Chips
C.  A fried Egg
D.  Cole Slaw
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