5.  Which of these brands of cereals would you not find in a grocery store in the 1980's?

A.  Garbage Pail Kids Cereal
B.  Smurfberry Crunch Cereal
C.  Ghostbusters Cereal
D.  Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal

6.  I have some sponge cake layered with some vanilla ice cream and covered it with a fluffy meringue.  I quickly brown the meringue under the broiler.  What dessert have I created?

A.  Trifle
B.  Baked Alaska
C.  Tiramisu
D.  Floating Island

7.  For whom is the Caesar Salad named?

A.  Sid Caesar
B.  Julius Caesar
C.  Caesar Cardini
D.  Cesar Romano
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